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October 27, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews

Developing your skills takes a long way, and if you are the best at it, you end up teaching and inspiring others. Nemanja Sekulic has 20 years of experience in creating worlds in Photoshop, but we have an impression that he still has a lot to show. We talked about his career as a photographer, educator, and digital artist, so read the interview below and step into his endless fantasy.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process goes like this. First I need to think about the idea. I get inspiration everywhere. Books, TV series, movies, everyday life, etc.… When I find a proper idea and have everything about the final image ready in my head or on paper as a sketch, I start to gather all the proper images for the final composite. That is the process of taking my own photos, making some 3D elements if needed, finding some stock photos online, sometimes traveling to a certain location with models, etc.… After I have everything, I go to Photoshop to make some magic there, combining all the elements into final photo manipulation.

Does the place where you live influence your art?

I think that every place is influencing us in a certain way. Not just a place, but people, friends, and family, books, movies…

War of the Worlds
Saturn 6

What do you find to be the biggest challenge for you as an artist?

My biggest challenge is definitely to find proper images for the final composite. Either I search online or take my own photos, this is the most time-consuming part. Although, I must say that I love to take my own photos. I’m enjoying that part.

Does your interest in magic and science fiction have an impact on your art?

Definitely yes, in a certain way. You can see in my portfolio a lot of Sci-Fi types of images. But also some magical powers, ghosts, and so on.

Which one of your works is the most important to you and why?

My most important work is a piece I named “Big Library”. That is the story of my passed away father. He was a doctor and also had a big library at home. He loved to read a lot. And while he was still alive I made that photo for him. Now that he is gone, I have a special place in my heart for that piece of art.

Big Library

How would you define your biggest success so far?

My biggest success is not what I have accomplished materially, or where my career got me to. My biggest success is that I found something that I love, that I have so much passion for, and that it is my everyday work!

What passions do you have, other than digital art?

I love many things. For example, I play the guitar, love to show magic tricks, read books. Also love to spend time in nature, hiking and hang out with friends.

What were your beginnings on Youtube?

I started my YouTube channel in 2016. I was asked by so many people to start YouTube to teach them some Photoshop and Photo manipulation techniques. So I did it. I love to teach people in general and I’m enjoying my YouTube channel too!

Epic Sea Battle

How important do you find social media for you as an artist?

Social media is really important because it is a passport to the world. You can promote yourself and show your work to the whole world. Otherwise, it would be really hard to do it. If there were no social media, this interview wouldn’t be possible.

What goals do you have for the future?

In the future, I plan to release more courses on different topics related to photo manipulation. I have one course now, it is called “Photo Manipulation Essentials” and there you can learn all the things you need to know in order to create a photo manipulation on your own. Everything from the start, planning, where and how to find inspiration, to the final realization of your artwork. Also, I’m planning to implement more 3D elements into my workflow.

Instagram: @ns_photography

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