How Lachesis Was Weaved Into our Ultra Limited Edition Tapestry

June 4, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Art Stories

Anna Podedworna is no stranger to fantasy. Or big collaborations.

An accomplished concept artist and illustrator, she’s been involved with some of the biggest properties out there, including Dota 2, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and the upcoming Joker 2 movie.

We knew she would be perfect for the Ultra Limited trilogy event we had cooking.

Unsurprisingly, she absolutely nailed it!

Ever the unpredictable visionary, Anna chose to start with Lachesis, the second sister of the Moirai, while also adding tantalizing teasers of what comes next. Naturally, we couldn’t resist pulling on that thread, trying to untangle all the exciting idea(s) behind this epic project!

An Ultra Limited Edition blessed by the Fates

Greek mythology is a longtime source of inspiration for artists. Anna is no exception but her approach was sliiiightly more thorough than most:

Displate came to me with a unique opportunity to create a captivating three-artwork series. Intrigued, I delved into research, seeking a theme that would resonate deeply both with myself and fantasy art enthusiasts . After much contemplation, I chose the enchanting concept of the Moirai, the three sisters from Greek mythology. This classical theme holds immense significance to me, as it embodies the fundamental principles of destiny and the universal laws governing our existence. The Moirai, also known as the Fates, were entrusted with the vital task of ensuring that every living being fulfilled their predetermined destiny. Their divine duty was represented symbolically by a thread, skillfully spun from a celestial spindle. This thread serves as the unifying element throughout all three paintings, seamlessly connecting each illustration with the others. While each painting stands alone as a separate work of art, they are visually linked by this golden thread.”

Hearing Anna talk about the project, it becomes clear that it was no mere happenstance that led her to work on it. It was, well, fate:

“I decided to start the series with the middle sister, Lachesis, the meticulous measurer of the thread of life. Lachesis assumes a central role in the series. However, she is not portrayed in isolation but rather amidst a backdrop of captivating Greek mythological creatures. A formidable hydra lurks behind Lachesis, embodying the notions of rapid renewal and regeneration. The hydra’s unique ability to regrow its heads instantly after being severed serves as a metaphor for the dynamic and ever-changing nature of existence. To accentuate Lachesis’ connection to the constant ebb and flow of life, I incorporated waves into the composition. These waves not only add a sense of dynamism to the artwork but also provide an uncertain and fluctuating foundation for the character. The composition itself is deliberately centered and symmetrical, designed to be framed on both sides by the two accompanying illustrations. This intentional arrangement creates a harmonious transition piece, balancing the overall visual narrative.In contemplating Lachesis’ portrayal, I carefully considered the symbolism of color. The golden hue adorning her dress conveys a sense of divinity and power, emphasizing her godly nature. In earlier iterations of the illustration, I experimented with a fully golden face for Lachesis, evoking a statuesque appearance. However, in the end, I opted for a more human-like look, allowing viewers to more easily discern and connect with the emotions conveyed through her facial expressions. I decided to frame her face with pastel pink hair to add a punch of color to the illustration. It is my hope that this interpretation of the timeless goddess resonates deeply with all who encounter her.”

With the Fates guiding her hand, Anna is already hard at work on the rest of her standout series:

“As I continue to work on the remaining two artworks featuring the other Moirai sisters, Clotho and Atropos, I can’t help but feel excited about sharing their interpretations with everyone. In these forthcoming pieces, I have also integrated mythical creatures to further enrich the narrative and captivate the imagination of the audience. I invite you to embark on this journey with me, as we explore the intricacies of destiny and the mesmerizing world of Greek mythology through art.“ 

‘Tis hard to escape fate. Even harder still when it looks as mesmerizing as in Anna’s unique reimagining. Check her out in action, bringing this timeless myth to life:

Our Design Studio adds its own spin!

But Lachesis’ journey was far from over. As fate would have it, she was entrusted to our Design Studio for those finishing touches that would elevate her to modern classic status. Product Designer Ola Mosiej and her talented crew of art-spinners got to work:

This project was exciting from the beginning! We had the opportunity to participate in the creation process from the first line drawn.

We stayed in touch with Anna, so our team could observe and influence the design. Of course, she had full creative freedom because, as creators ourselves, we understand how important it is.

The topic here is the majestic, mythical Moira: Lachesis.

While creating the upgrades, we focused on making her as glamorous as possible.

First, the artist drew a gold statue, but we asked her to change Lachesis into a more “lively” being. And she did so amazingly! Now her bright eyes are hard to ignore!

We absolutely love the dynamic dress and waves, but most of all the ferocious Hydra raging behind her.

Our studio made the upgrades as clean as possible: sleek lines on Hydra, and a gloss varnish that gives its scales a wet feeling. We used golden glitter on Lachesis’ dress, skin, and hair, making her a very stylish lady!

But we also decided to keep the “messy” strokes, so the final piece retains Anna’s artistic vision and dynamism.

This Ultra Limited Edition is the first of the Moirai trilogy, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the other two. We hope that you do too 🙂”

A piece destined for your collection

Lachesis has degreed there shall be no more than 300 pieces of this Ultra Limited Edition. And we won’t dare argue with the Alloter herself.

It is also hard to argue with those unique upgrades: 3D-printed textures, golden glitter, a glossy Hydra that looks almost too alive for comfort. Anna and the Design Studio really outdid themselves on this one.

Now take heed, mortals: Ultra Limited Edition runs are not everlasting, so do not tempt fate: grab your copy of Lachesis (1 of 3) as soon as it enters our realm!

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