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March 9, 2022 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews

Inspired by Manga, Kawaii, and the beauty of everyday life, Australian artist Cherriuki creates ethereal pieces of art that remind us of our childhood dreams. Romantic and melancholic, her work takes us to a fairy-tale world where we can make friends with fairies. Followed and admired by thousands on Instagram, she is nothing but sincere and modest about her success. 

Continue scrolling and get to know the artist behind her work. 

What inspires you the most?

The beauty of the little things in life.

You mostly draw females and it feels like you have this special connection with your characters. Why is that?

I like to portray a romantic, dream-like world through my artwork. A feeling of melancholy. Whatever the mood I want to express, I try to capture it on paper.

In the clouds
Follow me to the stars

What do you focus on the most while creating a piece?

The faces, or the background. But I suppose the overall mood of the illustration.

What does your whole creative process look like?

I do some rough sketches, sketch it on the ipad, print out the lines, then use a lightbox to draw the final clean lines. Then I paint!

Do you have any female artists that you look up to?

Plenty! I love CLAMP, Naoko Takueuchi, Uko Yufushi, Loputyn, Little Thunder, just to name a few.

What is your view on the art business for female artists these days?

There’s a lot more opportunity nowadays for people to become artists, thanks to social media. Doesn’t matter what gender you are, if you love art, just do it. Whether it’s for fun or for a career.

La Lune

You’re a successful artist-entrepreneur. What would be your business advice for those who experience difficulties in standing out?

I don’t know if I am “successful”, but it’s definitely been a long journey for me!

What I would say to others is…try and fail, and try again. Research and learn about your market and audience. Get inspired by your favorite artists and study what makes their art stand out.

But honestly, draw because you love and enjoy it, not to get famous. Getting recognized by others is a bonus, and if you can build a career from that, then pursue it. Otherwise no shame in doing it for fun. You’re an artist either way, a professional or a hobbyist.

What is your biggest success so far?

Being able to publish my first comic series! It’s still in progress, and I’m still learning a lot from my mistakes on the journey.

If you had to choose one thing that you love the most besides art, what would it be?


The Library
Dear Moon

Your art inspires others. How strongly do you feel connected with your followers?

I’m always flattered to hear that…Sometimes I’m not sure what people see in my art, but I’m happy that people enjoy looking at it. I always try to respond to messages and questions from my followers, I love being connected to them and I try to help them if I can.

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

I want to participate in more gallery exhibitions! And publish more comics. And expand my business. Too many plans. I hope that I can achieve them all eventually.

Instagram: @cherririi

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