The gift of Displate – new e-Gift Card

December 16, 2021 by Nigel Tsopo in Product and Brand News

So, you’ve heard about Displate’s one-of-a-kind metal posters, and perhaps you’ve collected a few of your favourites from the store. Now, you’d like to gift someone their very own Displate over the holiday season or to show your appreciation for them during a special day.

The only caveat is that the Displate store has over a million awesome designs and over 50 epic Brand stores, including notable names such as Marvel, Star Wars and Assasins Creed. That’s the reason why choosing the perfect Displate to gift your friends and family can be a daunting task. 

What’s Our Solution to This?

The Displate ethos is all about allowing people to collect their passions. The Interesting thing about passions is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are obsessed with Football, and others love NASA and all things space.

Displate is proud to offer people posters from a wide array of interesting topics spanning entertainment, sports, and even gaming because we understand that different people are passionate about different things. 

That’s why we’ve finally decided to make gifting Displates a lot easier with our brand new e-Gift Card because we’re committed to making the gifting process flexible and convenient for every awesome Displater.

And, you can finally stop wracking your brain trying to choose the perfect Displate for family and friends. The e-Gift Card can be redeemed for any sized M Displate of their choice (including shipment cost).

How Does The e-Gift Card Work?

Before you thank us for making your gift-giving a breeze, here’s what you need to know.

In a nutshell, the e-Gift card allows a user to buy one sized M Displate and it essentially works as a Discount code. Please note* To purchase the e-Gift Card you need to choose the country of the recipient.

What do you need to Gift an e-Gift Card?

  1. A well-deserving recipient 😉
  2. The recipients’ Country
  3. The recipients’ email address.
  4. The recipients’ name
  5. Your name 
  6. You can add an optional message to the recipient

Once you provide the details, click the buy button to checkout, and the e-Gift Card will be instantly delivered via email afterwards.

How does the recipient use the gift card?So, you’ve just received a gift card, and now you’re ready to join the most incredible group of collectors on earth!

Just go to our store and pick an M-size Displate. Then go to your Cart and click on “I have a discount code”.

Apply the code provided in this email and complete your checkout. Shipping and tax costs are already included.


Now that you’ve got everything you need to Gift Displates with ease. Go ahead try out our Displate e-Gift Cards. We appreciate you, and we’re excited to see what your recipients decide to collect from our store. 

Remember, there’s a budding community of Displate Redditors to tell about your new e-Gift card. Spread the word to make their holiday season gifts easier too!

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