Drumroll, Please. Introducing Our 3D Magnet Mounting System!

December 14, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Product and Brand News

3D Magnet - New Mounting System for Displate 

How could you make your Displate stand out even more? By making it stand off the wall!

Displaying wall art in innovative and exciting ways is nothing new to us at Displate. This latest product, however, is a first for us and we’re super excited to announce it is now available on our website! Meet the 3D Magnet, our awesome new mounting system that will make your favorite Displate(s) pop. Literally.

What Is a 3D Magnet and How It Differs From Our Standard Magnet

While our standard magnet allows you to hang your Displate snug to the wall, the 3D Magnet is specifically designed to give you that hover-off-the-wall look. Approximately          1 inch thick, its sturdy design adds extra depth and dimension to your artwork by making it appear to be floating off the wall. 

Before making our magnet available to you, we made sure to work out any kinks and issues. We did a lot of testing internally but also asked some of you to test it for us! So, instead of hearing us brag about our new brainchild (we may be a little biased), see what your fellow Displaters have to say about it.

Simple but effective in terms of presentation

Very easy to assemble and gives an amazing look to metal posters. Awesome thing to show off to visitors.

Gives a cool perspective on the wall. Definitely cool to set your limited editions apart from the standard ones.

Makes the poster stand out more! It’s awesome!

Each 3D mounting kit comes with an easy-to-assemble cardboard pad with a magnet, a protective leaf, and a cleaning cloth and arrives flat-packed for a reduced carbon footprint. Like its thinner brother, the 3D Magnet is super easy to set up — no screws, no tools, and no handyman’s skills are required.

Try the 3D Magnet on a solo piece that deserves all the attention in the room, or mix it with the rest of your collection to add that wow factor. Go to our store and get yours today!

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