How one influencer earns several thousand USD per month

December 20, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

Are you familiar with any affiliate programs? Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to earn a big bunch of cash by just sharing some links on your social media? Our experience shows it’s not only real but very profitable.

Modern days give everyone a chance to become popular. By gaining an audience around your social media profile (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) you start being an influencer, meaning: you have a significant impact on your fans’ preferences. And, before you know it, the Stargate opens and you are offered many opportunities to earn extra money by doing exactly what you normally do: taking photos, making videos and writing on the blog.  

There are many ways to start earning your additional commission on the web. Affiliate links, “Invite a friend” applications, and one of them is Displate’s ‘Share and earn’ program. It gives you a unique opportunity to share unique links to your favorite art wherever you see fit online (social media, website, blog, or if you’re creative enough – also offline) and earn an extra provision on every purchase made through this link. 

You can share any artwork you want and earn an extra cash on every purchase made through your affiliate link

We would like to share with you one of the stories which prove that following a few steps may lead you to get your extra %. 

It is obvious that not all of us will become influencers with a growing community, but we believe that this story may be helpful also for the ordinary man in the street.

Tj Hunt is this cool and nice guy known by every wheel maniac. He has – that’s right – over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and his videos are watched by more than 200,000 people daily. Once he started a collaboration with Displate and shared our art agent links all over his channel, he managed to earn additional $2,500 dollars in just one month. By simply doing the copy and paste thing. 

Pretty awesome, huh? So let’s dive into his actions. 

Build the community

When you want people to trust you, you need to make friends with them. Taking care of your relationship and being there for them are the basics of bonding. And like in real life – every influencer needs to respect his fans and interact with them regularly. Being cold and distanced will be nothing but a nail in the coffin.

I bond with my fans by trying to be as down to earth and real in my videos as I am in real life. I love meeting people and them telling me I’m no different in person then I am on camera. My subscribers are like one big family to me and knowing I have hundreds of thousands of them watching me everyday at 2:30 pm is a great feeling, and makes me feel close to them. We also relate to each other through our similar interest: being cars.

Make people trust you

It’s no secret that our shopping decisions are often caused by impulse, but then we will often find trust and strong belief that it’s really worth to buy it. Influencers always build a faithful community around themselves and by precisely choosing what they want to promote, they assure their fans of the quality of the featured product. So it’s no surprise that TJ Hunt earned $2,500 by placing the ‘Share and earn’ link under the video he made with Displate – his community knew that what he showed was just good.

It’s definitely the loyalty and trust of my friends. Of course, it is my job to make the product look and sound appealing, but that’s easy to do when I like the product to start with. 

Give them your assurance

Every time TJ Hunt chooses the product to present in his videos, he makes sure it meets his quality requirements. He needs to know if it’s awesome enough to recommend it to his fans. In this way, when he puts the art agent links under his videos, he’s certain that people will be clicking them like crazy.

Honestly, I don’t promote products or companies that I don’t agree with or don’t like. Like I said before, my fans know me as real and honest, and expect honest reviews on my channel when it comes to reviewing products. 

I like to showcase the product as something that I use or would have in my house. When my fans see that I support it and like it, they are most likely to support it as well.

Make the affiliate link visible

When you run your own, successful YouTube channel you can choose from many alternatives to show the promoted product and share the Art Agent links. 

The process starts with me showing the product, app, store etc. Then I go into detail about what it is, why I like it or use it etc. The links always are the first thing in my description so viewers can see the link right away. Sometimes I even pin a comment at the top with the link as well. Just depends if the company wants that or not.

Don’t make people tired of you

As much as we encourage you to share your art agent links wherever you can, making people have enough of seeing them is not something you aim for. TJ Hunt knows it and tries very hard not to overwhelm his audience with sponsored content. This is one of the main reasons why he succeeded in this affiliate program. His fans were buying the product because they felt relaxed and calm.

Let’s dive into some extra stuff

You are not an influencer, but you’re active in social media? Where else should you put your affiliate links? 

1. Social media bio

Make it visible for your audience and maximize your chances to get up to 4 times more for EVERY purchase made through your link.

2. Social media posts 

Whether you are an artist or just an art lover, make use of the power of social media and add the affiliate link to every post, promoting your favorite designs. In this way you will be able to earn an extra commission whenever somebody makes a purchase through this one link!

3. Instastories 

It’s a magical and powerful tool, where you can add a link to every photo and video and move your followers straight to your Displate shop.

4. Gallery on your website or blog

Make use of every clickable link you can possibly create and give your audience the chance to smoothly go from your digital gallery to your e-shop.

5. Widget 

Create a ready-to-insert banner, that will perfectly fit your website or blog with designs you love from your Art Space.

Set up your unique widget HERE

Wanna know more about how to earn an extra commission on promoting the art you love? Click here 

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