Voyage Voyage Art Challenge

September 3, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Art Challenges

Ah, the sweet summer days are over.

It’s time to bring back your memories and make them into designs that will answer the call to adventure and turn every couch potato into an avid globetrotter.
Don’t miss the boat – take up our Voyage Voyage Travel Art Challenge.

Make your memories, fantasies, and dream travel destinations into posters or digital illustrations. Capture your most beloved cities and places just how you imagine them, remember or would like them to be. 

And if the Earth is just not enough – take us to space!

$500 prizes

travel poster
Katinka Reinke – Sweden
travel poster
Liis Roden – Valley Launch

$300 prizes

travel poster
Lyara Costa – Venezia
travel poster
Thai Vo – The lost Tibet

$200 prizes

travel poster
Tomasz Dąbek – K2 Mountain
travel poster
Nikolaos Kavadias – Lefkada, Flamingos

L Displates

travel poster
Genesis Callado – Palawan PH
travel poster
Izabela Kacprzak – La Nascita di Venere
travel poster
stikeo – Amsterdam

travel poster
Erin Nicholls – Tokyo Cafe

1. If you’re not already an artist on Displate – sign up on your desktop here.

2. Upload at least one new picture (we don’t accept photographs for this contest). Remember that our uploading tool works only on desktop. You can submit as many pictures you want. It will increase your chances of winning.

3. Choose a perfect name for your work, include the additional tag: TRVL, so we will be able to easily find it and qualify it for the contest

4. Be patient – your artwork will be verified – it may take up to 24 hours for your artwork to show up on the site. Read more about preparing artworks for upload here

5. The contest starts on September 3rd and ends on October 3rd.

– 1st & 2nd place – $500

– 3rd & 4th place – $300

– 5th & 6th place – $200

– 7th to 10th places – L size Displates

– All uploaded artworks will become available for purchase on – you will retain all copyrights and earn commission of each of your design sold. Read more about selling and earning on Displate here.

After October 3rd all submitted works will be reviewed by Displate curatorial team and announced above (Winners section). Winners will be also notified by email. 

minimalist poster
Henry Rivers – Sydney
voyage art challenge baloon poster
Enkel Dika – Interstellar Journey
voyage art challenge
Dan Fajardo – Lets Go Surfing
minimalist travel poster
Katinka Reinke – Copenhagen
minimalist travel poster
Katinka Reinke – Tel Aviv
minimalist travel poster
Katinka Reinke – Amsterdam
travel poster
Terry Fan – The Fantastic Voyage
vintage travel poster
Fine Art – Vintage Travel Poster
travel poster
Eric Fan – Around the World in the Goldfish Flyer

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