Power of Collection: Make choice easy again

June 12, 2018 by Zuza Ciszewska in Art Tips

How to stand out from other artists and earn the big bucks and bigger fame you really deserve? We’ve got 4 words (among many more you should familiarize yourself with) that will change your approach instantly.

Think like a customer. 

Create Collections Of At Least 8 Artworks

Create collections consisting of at least 8 pieces as average customer purchase series of 3 works to express their passions and ease the decor hassle. For you it means higher chances of becoming a successful seller on Displate.

*based on 2019 data

Eight is also the number of artworks that enables to present the designs in two separate rows when browsing a collection. Website-wise: it just looks better. Additionally, having a collection of 8 and more also boosts your visibility on displate.com. And you will just give your clients a wider choice to collect their passions.

Power Animals by Kitsune Yumiko

Think Strategically In Terms Of Your Work

Not many artists are aware of this but putting every artwork doesn’t always pay off. Think about what you want to create and sell instead. Look for inspiration in trending subjects, pop culture or world around you.

Make use of Displate’s trending tool inside your dashboard.

Check what’s on the tongues right now and trust your instincts. You can’t go wrong with topics that people are craving to know.

Give People What They Want

From our experience, people are looking for series of artworks so they can express their passions.

Collections help them manage their space and create an overarching narrative between several designs. So, collection is a must.

Exotic Fruits collection by Lotta Hakola

Go For Higher Number

An average total sales for artists with more Displates are much higher vs those who uploaded only 1 artwork.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Artists who have 8 arts uploaded earn on average 17 times more than artists who have only 1 artwork
  • Artists who have 10-19 arts uploaded earn on average 33 times more than artists who have 1 artwork
  • Artists who have 9-30 artworks uploaded earn on average 11 times more than artists who have less than 8 artworks
  • Artists who have 100+ artworks uploaded earn on average 4.3 times more than artists who have 30-100 artworks

Sounds promising, right?

What you should do right now is to think strategically of your collections.

Create Coherent Collections

People look for themed pieces of art that express the variety of their passions. By doing so they can be sure that an artist they want to buy from is someone with his or her own style. Coherency helps reinforce their approach and makes your work even more desirable.

Here’s what to do to create a powerful collection:

1. Add at least 8 artworks in the same style or theme. If you’re an illustrator with photography skills, split these two techniques between two or more collections. You are an artist, so you need to take care of the aesthetics.

2. Try to upload your artworks in the same orientation – a potential customer is more likely to buy 3 horizontal posters at the same time than 2 vertical and 1 horizontal. It just looks better.

Get Featured To Our 1 Million Followers

If your collections are themed or follow any passion, there is a much bigger chance to get featured to our over 1,000,000 social media followers and get more earnings.

As you can see below such shoutouts give you tons of ❤ from our fans!

Mr. Jackpots
Venetia Jackson
Kharma Zero & Q Artwork

Read more about How To Get Featured On Displate here

Nick Campbell, one of London’s the finest art consultant agrees that the hardest thing to do is choose. The only way to create an impressive collection is to focus on one theme, after a brief period of trying your way. He insists on not going too wide with your collection, otherwise, it will end up a ‘wishy-washy mismatch of art’. He also advises to ‘find a theme or medium that interests you and try to stick to it’. Those solutions work both for artists as well as customers.

Diversify your artwork

When customers shop they mostly buy sets of pieces that will look nice on their wall. Create themed collections, where designs share a unique style and passion, and make a beautiful composition. If you’re master of various styles – use it as your advantage and create different collections for them.

Diversifying your work based on a particular motif or style is a perceived advantage to your portfolio: an artist who not only has an aye for collection, but also can sort it out is easily considered a pro.

Peek at your competition

It’s healthy to compete. Trying to outdo other artists keeps your creative juices flowing. It also helps. But it also serves another purpose. Check what customers prefer buying. Take a look at trending, bestselling collections and passions. Which artists get all the love? Which designs are killing it? If you find those ask yourself a question. What are they doing differently? Why people buy their artwork? Selling your work requires some critical thinking as well as strategy. But it’s all doable if you think like a potential customer.

Love your work!

This one might sound corny but hear us out. You have to like what you’re doing to be successful.

If you love the shape of your work chances are, other people also will be stunned.

That’s it. Remember those quick tips and always be ahead of others in terms of thinking like a customer!

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