How to stay creative. Tips from Dan Fajardo

November 15, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Art Tips

It’s not that easy to come up with your own artistic style and follow this path for a long time. You can fall during your artistic journey, but the thing is to get up each time you stumble. Constant motivation is not your main goal, there will be times of the blank space, but apparently, there’s no need to worry. Dan Fajardo is a freelance artist with years of experience and he worked out his own way to stay productive even when the whole universe seems to be against you. 

Ok, so how do you stay so creative?

I stay creative by watching TV series, reading books, watching art documentaries and of course playing with my two kids because they are my inspirations 🙂

How does your usual day look like?

Oh man, I am a morning person. I usually start my day by sipping a cup of coffee while checking my emails. I always make sure that I make 2 artworks every day.

Where do you find ideas for new designs?

I look for ideas in video games and other pop culture videos online

dan fajardo owl poster
The Night Hunter
dan fajardo fox poster
The Girl in the Red Forest
dan fajardo bear poster
Cool As You

What about days when everything is just wrong and you don’t feel motivated to work?

 I just go to the gym to workout and after that, I go to sleep and save my energy to think of new ideas.

I know you have a collection you’re proud of the most. How did you come up with an idea like this?

I am very proud of my NEGATIVE SPACE ILLUSION COLLECTION, my bestseller on Displate! It all started when I did my first Zelda design which shows an illusion of Link’s head and the forest scene inside. From that time I have always been a fan of negative space artworks.

dan fajardo poster
The 1st Book of Magic
dan fajardo peter pan poster
Book of Adventure in Neverland
dan fajardo poster
The 4th Book of Magic

What’s the most difficult in working as a full time artist?

As long as I truly enjoy my work as an artist and express my passion in every artwork I made I don’t think it is difficult to be a full time artist at all 🙂 I’m a lucky man!

Is social media helpful?

It helps a lot!!! Because you can share your artworks, gain more followers and get some good feedback from them.

Maybe an advice for those who’d like to start creating?

You just do what you love to do always! And believe in yourself even if others don’t.

Curious of Dan’s creative process? He decided to share with us the exact steps of how the ‘Beautiful Sunset’ from the Negative Space collection comes to life: 


Visit Dan’s Displate gallery, and his social media channels: Facebook and Instagram

dan fajardo dragon ball poster
XL size of the Beautiful Sunset
dan fajardo deer poster
Into the Deer Woods
dan fajardo poster
Moon Chaser
dan fajardo poster
Wild Sunset
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