Create Eight: Passion Art Challenge

November 19, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Art Challenges

People are born collectors and passionate by nature and now is your time to give them something to dream of. 

This challenge may be tricky, but we know you can do it. We allow people to express their passions and believe in the power of collecting so bring out the big guns and upload your best passion collection on Displate.

Feel free to choose the topic you feel perfectly fine with (food, science, travel, cinema or dogs), as long as you follow the passion rule.

Submit your 8 designs connected to any interest or passion and win some cash.

$400 prizes

Collection: Vacation Location by Eva Halfers

Under the orange tree
Sunday coffee

Collection: My Legs My Gears by Nin Hol

Black coffee
On the streets

$350 prizes

Collection: Pencil Color Houses by Francisco Fonseca

It the Road

Collection: Balls by Daniel Coulmann

Tennis Clay Court
Basketball Indoor 2

$250 prizes

Collection: Travel Snippets by Studio 324

Copenhagen Travel Snippet
New York City Snippet
Barcelona Travel Snippet

Collection: Old Sketch Studies by Mike Koubou

Vulpes Vulpes

1. If you’re not an artist on Displate yet – sign up here

2. Submit a collection connected to any passion of at least 8 artworks. Remember that our uploading tool works only on desktop. You can submit as many pictures as you want, it may increase your chances of winning. Please note that you must have all rights to the creation to be considered as a submission by Displate jury.

3. Choose a perfect name for your collection and add an extra tag: nov19 to all of the artworks in this collection, so we will be able to find it and qualify it for the contest easily. 

4. Be patient – your collection will be verified – it may take a while for your artworks to show up on the site.

Read more about preparing artworks for upload here

5. All uploaded artworks will become available for purchase on – you will retain all copyrights and earn a commission of each of your design sold.

Read more about selling and earning on Displate here

6. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter – it will help us contact you in case of winning. 

7. The contest starts on November 19th and ends on January 19th.

*works on desktop only

– 1st & 2nd place – $400

– 3rd & 4th place – $350

– 5th & 6th place – $250 

Every rewarded collection will become available for purchase on and promoted in our social media – you will retain all copyrights and earn a commission of each of your designs sold.

After January 19th all submitted collections will be reviewed by Displate curatorial team and announced above (Winners section). Winners will also be notified by email. 

Passion: Food

Collection: Kitchen Stories by Lotta Hakola

Passion: Medicine

Collection: Medical And Science Art by Erzebet Prikel

Passion: Sports

Collection: Sports by Bo Lundberg

Passion: Travel

Collection: Traveltastic by Studio 324

Contest FAQs

*works on desktop only
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