20 Chic Scandinavian Living Room Ideas With Nordic Inspiration

June 7, 2022 by Nigel Tsopo in Home Decor

Scandinavian inspired interior design is all the rage at the moment with its neutral colors and simple minimal design. To celebrate this awesome decor style that’s been popularised by brands like Ikea and the like, we’ve compiled a full Scandinavian living room Ideas guide.

Scandinavian living rooms are in style because they are a great way to create a calm and relaxing environment. By using light colors, abstract posters and simple furniture, you can make your living room feel like a cozy retreat from the world. Additionally, Scandinavian design is known for being very functional, so you can be sure that everything in your room will serve a purpose. If you’re looking for a way to update your home without making too many changes, consider adding a Scandinavian touch to your living room.

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What is the Scandinavian Living Room Style like?

A Scandinavian living room is typically bright and airy, with plenty of natural light and white walls. Furniture is typically simple and functional, with clean lines and few decorative details. In order to create a cosy atmosphere, textiles such as blankets and pillows are often used to add color and warmth. Additions complementary colors can be added using a selection of elegant and vibrant nature posters to lift the space. Scandinavian design is known for its focus on simplicity and functionality, so keep your decor minimalistic and clutter-free.

Contemporary earthy toned Scandinavian living room design

Creating a Scandinavian Living Room

To create a Scandinavian living room, choose a light and airy color palette. White walls are essential in achieving this look, as they help to reflect light and make the space appear larger. You can also add pops of color with minimal metal posters, but be sure to keep the overall palette fairly muted. Next, select simple and functional furniture pieces that have clean lines and few decorative details. A coffee table, sofa, and chairs are all must-haves, and you can add additional seating with floor cushions or pouffes. Finally, layer in textiles such as blankets and pillows to add both color and warmth.

Elegant Scandinavian style

4 Main tips to get The Perfect Scandinavian Decor

  1. Choose a light and airy color palette.
  2. Select simple and functional furniture pieces.
  3. Layer in textiles such as blankets and pillows.
  4. Keep your decor minimalistic and clutter-free.

Decorating Scandinavian Living Rooms

When decorating a Scandinavian living room, it’s important to focus on simplicity and functionality. This type of room is typically light and airy, with pale colors used to reflect the natural light that floods in through the windows. Furniture should be minimalistic and simple, with clean lines and angles. There are a few key pieces that are essential in a Scandinavian living room.

The first is a comfortable sofa or lounge chair. Scandi-style sofas are often low to the ground and very spacious, perfect for relaxing in. They usually come in light shades such as white, beige, or gray, which will help to brighten up the space. A coffee table is another essential piece of furniture – again, it should be simple and functional, with plenty of surface area for placing drinks or magazines.

Floor lamps add a nice touch of pizzaz to a Nordic-inspired space. Don’t be afraid to opt for bold lamps and other trinkets to show a unique sense of style in your living room.

Contemporary Spaces Floor Lamp

Storage is also important in a Scandinavian living room – after all, this is a region where you need to make the most of limited space! Look for furniture with built-in compartments and shelves, or choose pieces with removable cushions so you can stow away clutter when needed. Wall art is another great way to add personality to a Scandinavian living room – go for abstract designs or landscapes in muted colors to complement the space.

With these key pieces in place, you can start to add some finishing touches to your Scandinavian living room. Throw blankets and cushions in colorful fabrics will inject some personality into the space, while plants add a touch of nature. Candles are also popular in Scandinavian living rooms – not only do they provide a warm and inviting glow, but they also make the space smell wonderful! Finally, don’t forget to add some shelving or cabinets to display your favourite books, magazines, and trinkets. With these simple tips, you can create a stylish and inviting Scandi-style living room that is perfect for relaxing in.

Scandinavian Wall Space Decor

Wall decor for Nordic-inspired spaces needs to be carefully curated. It’s best to opt for a selection of Displates that are versatile and can be swapped out for different ones without damaging your walls. From nature and landscapes to animals and paintings, there’s enough inspiration in the Displate store to make the walls in your Scandinavian living room come to life.

Things to keep in mind when creating a Scandinavian Living Room Design

  1. Use light colors and natural materials. This will help create a bright and airy feel in the room.
  2. Keep the furniture minimalistic and simple. This will help to create an open and spacious feel in the room.
  3. Use lots of plants and greenery. Plants help to add color and life to a room, and they also help to create a relaxing and calming environment.
  4. Use neutral tones for the walls and flooring. This will help to create a timeless look in the room that can be easily adapted to different styles over time.
  5. Add some personal touches. Personal touches such as photos, art, and souvenirs help to make a room feel more like home. They also help to add character and personality to the space.

Chic Scandinavian interior design

Light toned Scandi living room

Via Pinterest

Mid-century modern Scandinavian aesthetic

Neutral color palette & natural elements Scandinavian decor

Corner Fireplace

Cozy Eye-catching minimalist Scandinavian interior design

Bohemian Scandinavian living room design

Classy Scandi style living room

Vintage style Scandinavian decor

Nature incorporated Scandinavian living space

Contemporary Scandinavian style living space

Art Deco Inspired mid-century Scandinavian style

Classy Chic Scandinavian style

Warm Scandinavian living room

Mixed Scandinavian Dining Room Living Room


Now that we’ve given you all the Scandinavian living room inspiration, it’s time for you to get started on your own decor project. Take a few tips from our suggestions but remember to make the space uniquely your own, enjoy the decor process and have fun!

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