Meditation Room Ideas: How to Create a Zen Den in Your Home

September 7, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

Looking for meditation room ideas? Whether you want to create an in-home yoga studio, a meditation space, or simply a special quiet zone in your home to retreat from your hectic day, a Zen den could be just what the doctor ordered.

A Zen den is a safe, quiet, designated spot in your home where you can take a breather — be mindful, meditate, do a little yoga, and relax without interruption. 

The good news is you don’t need much to create a special space in your home dedicated to well-being and mental health. Here are a handful of tips — and some meditation room ideas from across the web — to help get you started building your own Zen refuge, even if all you’re working with is a few square feet of available space.

Intrigued? Read on! We’re taking a deep dive to show you how to create a meditation room in your home and help you channel positive energy into your abode. And if you’re looking for a place to practice mindful reading, be sure to read our article on reading nook ideas!

Here’s how you can create the ultimate meditation room in 7 steps

If you thought you didn’t have enough square footage for a zen hideaway, think again. Anyone can carve out a meditation space in their home, no matter what shape or size it is. Use these seven simple steps to go about it like a pro. 

  • Choose Your Spot 

Unlike exercising your body, you don’t need much space for exercising your mind. All you need to create a meditation corner is a space big enough to stretch your limbs and a yoga mat. So, whatever spatial constraints you might have, simply choose a quiet area with a decent airflow and low on foot traffic. An extra bedroom? A corner of your living room? Your back patio? Any space really that gives you some privacy, is out of the way, and can be dedicated for relaxation only. 

  • Clean It Up

Whatever space you choose, it should be free of visual clutter. While an orderly, clean environment encourages the feeling of readiness and ease, being surrounded by excess stuff can be distracting and ultimately cause the mind to wonder. If possible, consider emptying out the room to contain only a few elements, such as a small table, a throw rug, and a cushion for your meditation practice. 

  • Get Rid of Distractions

Ideally, your meditation room should be a no-tech zone, so remember to turn off your phone or tablet (or better yet, leave them in another room to avoid temptation). Also, make sure you don’t contaminate your sacred space with reminders of stressful and unpleasant tasks. Piles of unopened mail and unpaid bills lying around are a big no-no as they subconsciously stress you out, preventing you from unplugging and relaxing.

  • Bring Nature In

Nature is organically soothing and healing, so it only makes sense that you bring some natural elements into the place where you want to recharge, rejuvenate and recover. Consider adding crystals, rocks, branches or driftwood as centerpieces or decoratives around the room, and definitely throw a little greenery in the mix. Filling a room with plants is as close as you can get to the feeling of being out in nature.

  • Create Zen

What makes you feel at peace? If it is the sound of singing bowls, make sure to have one in your meditation room. For some people, it is the scent of incense sticks. You might also find it helpful to set the mood by lighting a candle, playing some soft, ambient music, or listening to a meditative podcast — whatever helps you get in the zone, and adds a sense of tranquility to your meditation space.

  • Amp Up the Cozy Factor

One way to add ambiance to any meditation room is by placing plush pillows, cushions, and blankets in your space. A meditation cushion or a soft rug not only creates a comforting and calming environment, but can also help you remain grounded throughout your meditation practice.

  • Personalize Your Space

When creating a meditation room, you should go by what feels good to you. Choose those elements that suit your personality and home decor, like your favorite mantra stenciled on the wall, a mellow print, or photos of your loved ones. Experiment with whatever fits your personal tastes and preferences, and weave in items that have meaning to you. 

Meditation Room Ideas To Get You Inspired

Meditation rooms are becoming all the rage for homeowners these days. If you need some meditation room ideas or meditation room design tips, take a look at the zenned out spaces below. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own! 

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

For yoga beginners, it can be really helpful to have a full-length mirror to just check your technique sometimes, especially when starting out. A string of fairy lights around the mirror provides soft lighting perfect for a wind-down yoga session.

Princess Hideaway

Wood planks, leafy garlands, and macrame curtains make this meditation space look like a fairy princess secret hideaway. Also, the daybed cushion looks like the most snuggly thing in the world!

Zen Home Office

This one’s for all you small-space dwellers. A boho home office doubling as a yoga corner, complete with a vintage wicker lampshade, kneeling chair, and a yoga mat rack.

Attic Meditation Hub

A beautiful attic loft styled up with details for a calm and minimal meditation space. Simplicity at its best.

Tropical Getaway

Soft cushions, fluffy throw blankets, and lots of greenery… ah, we feel better already!

Relaxation Headquarters

There’s not one thing in this room we would change. An ultimate relaxation station, it has plenty of natural light and ample floor space. Plus a gong for sound healing and meditation! 

Aromatherapy Nook

The right scent can really help to calm and focus your energy. If you burn through your scented candles quickly, try an aromatherapy diffuser to spread the aroma of essential oils throughout your meditation area instead.

Meditating with Plants

When crafting your meditation area, try to place it next to a window to allow natural light in. The boost in vitamin D production is not just healthy for your body, but will also enhance your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

Chillout Porch

Meditating outdoors can restore your body, mind and soul to a more balanced state of health, and with a front porch like that, you will take your daily meditation game to the next level faster than you can chant ‘ohm…’.

Calming Hues

Selecting the colors for your meditation room is one of the first steps to take when designing a space that is genuinely welcoming, nurturing, and calming. Muted whites and neutrals, such as beige, eggshell, and light brown, are ideal for creating a home meditation space, and can really help the mind settle down and stay focused.

Boho Retreat

A colorful rug will turn any hardwood floor into a soft, snug space perfect for finding your inner peace. Pair it with soft textured cushions, woollen knitted throws, and macrame wall hangings for that extra cozy feel!

Meditation Corner

A few candles that can gently light the area and be blown out as needed, a plant or two to give the space some life, and, of course, a yoga mat, is all it takes to bring in those zen vibes and create the ultimate meditation corner.

Yoga In Your Living Room

You don’t need a huge home yoga studio or even an entire room for your daily yoga practice. Perhaps there’s a random nook in your living room that is being wasted right now and pretty much collects dust. If so, make it your mindful space!

Sacred Spot

Dim lighting is a must when you want to wind down after a yoga session or get up at the crack of dawn for meditation. Consider salt lamps, string lights, or candles that will gently illuminate your space as well as decorate it. Asian-inspired props, such as a small Buddha statue or some Japanese wall prints, can also add ambiance to your sanctuary.

Hammock Time

Who wouldn’t want to have a hammock at home to nap in or curl up with a book for some quiet time? This room clearly serves a variety of purposes, but it definitely looks like the perfect oasis to get away from the daily grind.

Chill Zone

Your Zen den is a place for meditation and daily yoga practice, but it can also serve as a tearoom or just your happy place for you to hang out with your pets, or play your favorite instrument. Whatever helps you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Over to You!

A meditation room — or, if you’re short on space, a meditation corner — is your quiet place to meditate, read a book, practice yoga, nap, or simply relax and unwind. But most of all, it should be your feel-good place, so it should offer you peace and privacy from the outside world. Use the space generously to escape from the daily hustle as much and as often as needed. Your mind will thank you!

Looking to turn your home into a soothing oasis? Check out the best calming wall art from Displate! From beach scenes to Japanese art to pictures of nature, we have plenty of mellow designs to help you create the ultimate serene space. 

We hope you liked these meditation room ideas, and you will incorporate them to bring positivity and good health to your home. 

Are there any home meditation essentials we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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