League of Legends Posters Now Available at Displate

June 26, 2023 by Martyna Stachowiak in Product and Brand News

Get your favorite champs off the Rift and onto your walls with officially licensed League of Legends posters from Displate!

Since 2009, League of Legends has made its mark as one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena games across the globe. Getting first blood, stealing jungle objectives, destroying towers, and—of course—claiming victory in the end—who wouldn’t want to immortalize that sense of accomplishment on their wall?

Now, you can, with Displate’s selection of League of Legends metal posters! Each poster features a different champion, showcasing their unique abilities and personalities.

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Level Up Your Walls

Whether you have a penchant for farming, building off-meta items, or roaming up and down the river, there’s a poster to match your style. Miss Fortune, Jinx, Ahri—it’s like your favorite champions stepped out of Summoner’s Rift and into your home!

Our metal prints have a wraparound edge, creating a seamless look from any angle. They use a magnetic mounting system to help you hang your artwork snug to the wall and easily swap between posters. Each Displate has a hologram and the Master of Production’s signature on the back for added authenticity and collector’s value.

It’s time to level up those walls. Pick up a poster of your main or collect an entire five stack and let the battles commence!

Ready for a shopping spree? Head over to our store and splurge on some official League of Legends wall art today! 

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