How to decorate kid’s room with art

September 11, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Home Decor

Choosing a perfect artwork for your munchkin’s room may seem nothing but easy. Like everything, it should reflect their growing personality and passions, so whatever finds its place on the wall must help them evolve. If you want your children to grow up creative, open-minded and aesthetic – you need to surround them with art from the first moment they see the world. How to choose perfect children posters? 

Create a playful space

Well… kids will be kids. A perfect room for every kiddo is this kind of place where they can feel natural and free. It’s this magical chamber where they keep their secrets and dream of adventures, so let them stimulate the imagination with truly playful, funny posters.

Giant Panda by 38 Sunsets:
Artworks by Spacefrog Designs:

Make the room calm and peaceful

Sleep is the most important ‘activity’ in every child’s early life. Well, it’s essential in everyone’s life. But in their first months and years, it’s good to create a peaceful and calm space to keep them from being distracted and nervous. 

Artworks by Lotta Hakola:
Pink flamingos by Monika Strigel:

Don’t go too childish

Children grow in a blink of an eye, so try not to hang too ‘thematic’ artworks on their walls, because you’ll be surprised how fast your baby will outgrow of loving My Little Pony. 

Louis Ros is a great idea for the kid’s room:
Artworks by Spacefrog Designs:

Express their interests and growing passions

Let your children express their interests with art, whether it’s books, cars, horses or princesses. The options are endless. Take care to give them a piece of themselves on the walls.

Patrick Hardys’ daughter son chose the metal poster by
Totoro by Adovemore:

Listen to their needs

Involve your kids in the process of choosing. Ask them what they like and want to have in their room, trust us – they already know they need! 😉 

Lady Unicorn by Sillier Than Sally:
Sweet bear by Michelle Carslund:

We hope these simple tips and examples will be helpful in your first steps in decorating your kid’s dream room. 

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