Displate and Netflix: Making Metal Posters For Passionate Show Fans

October 5, 2022 by Nigel Tsopo in Product and Brand News

Regarding Displate and Netflix collabs, we’ll give you gritty Sci-Fi, mysterious Thrillers and exciting Stories printed on the world’s coolest Metal canvas. 

Our Netflix brand shops are bursting at the seams with hundreds of metal poster designs ready to add a little mind-bending vibrancy to collector’s homes. Awesome right? We totally think so!

For someone building a collection of Netflix-themed Displates, it’s essential to find some fresh designs to add to their sets and, of course, to make their walls come to life with their favourite characters, landscapes, and more.

It’s a good thing that we constantly refresh our Netflix brand shops with the latest artworks from new seasons of Top Netflix shows, like Stranger Things and others. 

Our Displate Netflix Collaboration Video

We recently created an awesome video showcasing collaborations with three Netflix brand shops, Stranger Things, The Witcher and La Casa De Papel.

Displate collectors are passionate about the posters they take home. When it comes to Netflix Displates, they not only love the shows they collect, but will go to the point of integrating specific details of those shows into their daily lives.

We love this passion, and it’s exactly why we love the Video.

Watch it below on YouTube.

Starting Your Netflix Poster Collection? Here’s Where You Can Start!

The Witcher Brand Shop

La Casa De Papel Brand Shop

Squid Game Brand Shop

Stranger Things Brand Shop

Castlevania Brand Shop

Sex Education Brand Shop

™/© Netflix 
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