Modern artists and their unlikely creations have long puzzled, stirred controversy, and stretched our definition of what art should be. Who wants

Ah, the Renaissance! (Took me a while to learn how to spell it.) A rebirth of the classics, and a time when

Are you curious to know who the most famous artists of all time are? Was that a silent nod? If so, look

Floating cities, flying cars, and metropolises bathed in the neon lights are the effect of Gal Barkan’s interest in cosmology, science fiction,

Retrofuturism is a fascination with how the future has been viewed in the past, that is to say, what the people of

Do you want to see what real horror looks like? We dare you to view this list of dark and scary art.

Are you currently using the best art hashtags on Instagram to promote your art? Using the right ones in your posts can

If you think anime series are just for kids, think again. Au contraire, mon frère.  While they may seem disarmingly straightforward, these

We all know one – a certified book nerd who plows through books like a maniac and whose to-be-read pile dwarfs the

Vexel art is a technique of making pixel-based raster art that imitates the visual appearance of the vector graphics technique. To truly

The advent of digital art was an unprecedented milestone in the history of expressing oneself. Comparable perhaps to the invention of the

Did you know the entertainment industry heavily relies on the talent of artists, most notably, those who create concept art? Yup, it’s

Living and working in London, Daniel Battams creates posters that represent the true spirit of Tokyo. He turns the city of light, billboards, and

I spy with my little eye… new artists on Displate! New arts on the block is one of our favorite series of blog

At a time when the world needs hope and faith in better tomorrow, Ashno Alice takes us to dreamlands where everything seems safe and

§ 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. This Terms (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) refer to a Contest in the field of culture

Do you want to design fun collages in Photoshop? It’s easier than you think. Create your own impressive digital collage today with

Entertaining people with art seems difficult, but not when Benny Productions takes charge. Mastering his Photoshop skills to perfection, he gives his audience a

Inspired by Ukiyo-e, Franco-Belgian comics, and 90s cartoons, the Porto-based (and raised) artist Camila Nogueira illustrates the world of an endless golden

Balancing between magical realism, mythology, and her own imagination, Awanqi creates enchanting allegories filled with passion, power, and romance. By using vibrant,

Living and creating in Brazil, Thiago Correa makes his art all about spiritualism and… cats. He told us about his passions and