For Roy The Art, the road to success may not have been very long, but it was definitely intense. Being attracted to art

Amongst the many viral interior design trends doing the rounds online right now is the aesthetic room trend. Gen Zers took to

With the 2021 Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home right around the corner, there’s no better time to pay tribute to everyone’s

Step away from the pumpkin pie, because the upcoming weeks will be craaazy. High Season is coming to Displate, and you have

There’s nothing more satisfying than moving into a brand new home and receiving some special housewarming gifts to make your space more

Drawing is a very convenient way to kill boredom. It keeps your mind occupied and gets you concentrating on something meaningful and

Julien is the proud owner of a unique Star Wars collection boasting one-of-a-kind set of items such as collectibles signed by the

PhaseRunner, known best for his original Star Wars posters and kick-ass photo manipulations, just joined Displate with a tasty collection of striking, futuristic

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most Impactful cinematic universes of the past few decades. Its impact garners fans from every

With all the meal prepping, guest-hosting, and late-night snacking, the kitchen is definitely the most special corner of the house. And while

Step aside Canvas & Acrylic, There’s a new sheriff in town. Metal prints are rising in popularity because of their durable form

Moving to college is one of the most exciting times, and with a few creative dorm room ideas you can organize and

Alexander Meijer is the founder and vault overseer of Vault 74 in the Netherlands – a Fallout fan museum featuring an astonishing

We’re lucky to host many great and successful artists whose talent led them to create numerous amazing and original designs. You may

David Dossin has an entire room in his house dedicated to Star Wars, and what an incredible collection it is! He even

From furniture with good ergonomics to a video setup that could make the cinemas jealous, the perfectly themed gaming bedroom setup could

Looking for meditation room ideas? Whether you want to create an in-home yoga studio, a meditation space, or simply a special quiet

Some say that the best things to collect are memories. But ask any serious collector, and you’ll hear something else entirely. Unless,

Knowing how to hang pictures without nails or screws is an invaluable DIY skill. Especially if you’re a renter desperately looking to

CalArts style. Whether you’re a professional animator, or just a daytime doodler, chances are you’ve heard of the term which unleashed a

Looking for some cool things for your room? Perhaps you’re in the market for some fancy gadgets or cool stuff that can