Make Art, Not War, For Ukraine

March 28, 2022 by Nigel Tsopo in News

Over the past month as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, many people worldwide are speaking out against the ongoing situation as we’re continually seeing Ukrainian families being displaced from their homes in the millions. 

Displate Stand With Ukraine Movement

During this time at Displate, we’ve made a call for designers to join a movement to make art, not war, focused on standing with every Ukrainian needing support. This comes in the form of a Stand With Ukraine Displate brand shop featuring dozens of moving designs by talented artists who have committed to donating the proceeds from the sale of these artworks to support Ukrainians during this war.

but before we share a little more about using art to stand with Ukraine, here’s why we’re driven to make a difference.

The Current Situation For Ukrainians

Imagine fleeing from your home and leaving everything you know behind – Leaving your family members – Leaving your belongings and Leaving your Job, which is your only means of survival.

That’s the reality of most Ukrainians today. They’ve had to leave everything they know behind, without any assurance that they will ever get it all back, or worse yet, that they will ever see their families again.

According to the United Nations, since Russia invaded Ukraine, 4.3 million children have been displaced and an additional 1.4 million Ukrainians lack access to clean drinking water.

Solidarity & Unity of Ukrainians

Slava Vakarchuk, one of Ukraine’s most famous musicians has transitioned his career from filling stadiums as a national music star to driving back and forth delivering food and medicine to the war frontlines. 

Slava’s story isn’t unique, aiding the Ukrainian army is now the norm for many Ukrainian citizens. It’s very important to commend all Ukrainians for standing strong and showing the rest of the world a powerful spirit of solidarity and unity during this time.

While many have been unfairly harmed and torn apart by the war, there’s also an admirable solidarity forming amongst all Ukrainians fighting in their homeland and those around the world using their resources and voices to make a difference. 

Why Art Is Important To Bring Peace & Stand With Ukraine

  • Art can be a voice for the voiceless Ukrainians stuck in the frontlines.
  • Art can spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine to the rest of the world.
  • Art communicates the needs of Ukrainians on the ground.
  • Art can raise funds to get much needed supplies to Ukrainians during the war.

The bottom line is that there’s still a lot to do, the world needs to come together in an effort to protect the millions of Ukrainian citizens still in the frontlines of a war that should’ve never begun in the first place. The only thing left to do at this point is to find ways to make a difference in the situation in any way that we can. 

When all hope is lost during wars, artists have always found creative ways to make a difference.

Art is a medium for people to convey their innermost feelings about any situation in a way that words sometimes cannot. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with dozens of incredible artists to share the voice of the voiceless during this time and continue to spread awareness about everything happening in Ukraine. 

Be sure to visit our Stand With Ukraine Brand shop to support the Ukrainian people during these tough times. Make Art Not War! Forever.

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