25 Entry Table Decor Ideas to Greet Guests in Style

July 26, 2022 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

You probably shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we think it’s fair to judge a home by its entrance. From modern to traditional and everything in between, we’re sharing 25 of our favorite entry table decor ideas that we’d love to have to welcome us home. 

Let’s talk entry table decor. Entryway consoles are one of the first places to make a design statement in your home. And we all know that first impressions matter! Whether you have an expansive foyer, a narrow hallway, or just a small area around your front door, there are endless possibilities for styling an entry table. Not sure where to start? Check our roundup of creative entry table ideas and get inspired for your own entry table makeover!

How to Decorate Your Entry Table

Styling entryway tables can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll notice there is a bit of a formula at work that brings great results every time. Below we break down how to achieve an entry table that is both practical and stylish.

Step One: Start with a Foundation

Before you can decorate your entryway table, you need to find the right piece of furniture for the space. What shape will work best with your entryway? What material will fit your aesthetic? Make sure it’s the right size, too. Too big, and it will overwhelm the room. Too small, and it will look lost. Opt for narrow furniture unless you have a large entry that can accommodate more.

Step Two: Coordinate with Your Interior

As the first peek visitors get of your house, your entryway table should complement your interior style rather than compete with it. Do you lean towards traditional or modern? Farmhouse or bohemian? Whenever you feel stuck, take design cues from the rest of your home and let that inform the look of your entry table decor.

Step Three: Consider Functionality

As anyone who has ever fumbled for their keys at the door can attest, functionality is an important consideration when styling an entry table. Think about what you need to grab on the way out the door, and then create a functional entrance table to help you keep your comings and goings organized. A few catch-all trays or bowls can do wonders in this department!

Step Four: Crank up the Decor Dial

Your entry table is not only a landing place for essentials but also a major decorating opportunity. Leaving its surface empty is a missed chance to create a beautiful vignette and make a great first impression. Give your guests a taste of what’s to come inside your home by filling your console with curated decor items.

Step Five: Incorporate Storage

Your entryway is often one of the busiest areas in your home, so use your entry table to incorporate some additional storage into the space. This can be in the form of baskets, boxes, or drawers—whatever you need to keep your on-the-go items in one place. If your entryway is on the smaller side, try wall-mounted hooks or a coat rack to save space.

Step Six: Keep it Light and Bright

Entryways can often be dark and cramped. To combat this, keep your entry table decor light and airy. Stick to warm tones, and add in some greenery or flowers for a pop of color. And don’t forget the power of a mirror! A large mirror will make the space feel lighter and more open—especially when placed above a mirrored table for extra reflective power.

Step Seven: Ground Your Table

If you don’t already have one, consider adding a rug to your entryway. It’s a great way to ground your entry table while adding color and texture to the space. Not to mention, it’s an extra layer of protection for your floor that has to withstand muddy boots, wet umbrellas, and whatever you might drag in from the great outdoors. Win-win!

25 Entry Table Decor Ideas You Should Try

Now that you have a few helpful guidelines to get your creative engines whirring, it’s time to start thinking about your own entry table makeover. To help inspire your inner decorator, we’ve compiled 25 of our favorite entry table ideas below.

Ready to make a grand entrance? Let’s get started!

Vintage Console Table with Angled Legs

Everyone loves seeing a bit of cheer the first time they enter a home, and this entry table is sure to exude that to anyone walking through the doors! Fresh-cut flowers bring a crisp natural vibe to the space, and the old radio player flanked by rain boots creates a quirky yet charming display. The round jute rug helps define the space and will no doubt stand up well to heavy foot traffic.

Corrugated Metal Entry Table

Here’s a unique take on an entry console from @dieartige. This corrugated metal table looks like a shipping container more than a piece of furniture. But with the addition of some greenery and a neon hello sign, it serves as the perfect entryway table for this contemporary home. Sometimes the most interesting pieces are the ones that are the least expected!

Retro Radio Player on Hairpin Legs 

While we’re on the subject of the unexpected, we couldn’t help but include this next idea. This entry table from @homebymanonlili features a retro radio player that’s been given new life with a fresh coat of paint and hairpin legs. A pair of tattered hats fill a narrow wall above the table, adding to the retro vibe of the space.

Live Edge Entryway Console

@home_by_charline chose a round mirror over a live edge console and styled two baskets underneath to finish the look. The natural wood finish is warm and inviting, and the live edge provides a beautiful contrast to the sleek lines of the rest of the space. Plus, the baskets underneath provide ample storage for things like hats, gloves, and scarves.

Entry Table with Spindle Legs

One possible tactic when thinking about how to decorate an entry table is to take the lead from the table itself. In the image above, a wood bead garland draped casually across the table echoes the shape of the spindle legs, tying the whole look together. It’s precisely this type of thoughtful styling that takes an entryway table from good to great!

Fun Cottage Entryway Console

This colorful entryway space from @joanna.anastasia is the perfect example of how a little bit of wallpaper can go a long way. The busy floral pattern makes the perfect backdrop for the simple console table. Maybe it’s us, but the black knobs on the drawers look like they were inspired by pistils on a flower. Such a precious little detail!

Two-Tier Metal Console Table

If you’d like your entryway table to reflect the decor for the rest of your house, take your cue from @heim.liebelei. She used abstract wall art and a neutral color scheme to tie her two-tier metal console table into the contemporary style of her home. The cherry blossom stems add just the right amount of greenery to the space.

Minimalist Floating Cabinet

The pared-down design of this entryway gives us all the heart eyes. The streamlined cabinet brings in a sleek, minimalist spin that is perfect for modern homes. The simple styling keeps the focus on the colorful blooms, while the black artwork creates a striking focal point upon entry. Sometimes less is truly more!

Marble Top Half-Circle Table

Your entry console can be a great opportunity to sneak some life into your entryway. This half-circle table from @lauradawsonsd is topped with a marble slab, adding a touch of luxury to the space. Citrus stems inject some zest to an otherwise black-and-white foyer and bring in a sense of warmth and texture without feeling overdone.

DIY Wooden Crate Entry Table

How about making super fun and functional entryway table of your own using any waste wood lying near you? You can make this DIY wooden crate entryway table with just some wood crates, sandpaper, wood glue, and paint. This would be a great way to show off your unique style without spending a lot of money.

Vertical Pallet Entry Table

Another great way to repurpose some old wood is by making this vertical pallet entry table. It’s a fun project to make and perfect for small entryways! It would look great in an apartment or a condo with limited space. Plus, you can customize it to your own style by painting or staining the wood. And the best part is that it won’t break the bank!

Painted Red Entry Console

For a pop of color in your foyer, try an entry table in bright red. It helps create contrast and interest in the entryway space that won’t go unnoticed by guests. Keep the table small because if it is too big, the red can become overpowering. @designingyourhome styled theirs with pug figurines and sunflowers. Talk about quirky entry table decor!

Metal Locker Accent Cabinet

And speaking of color, @little_edwardian_semi used a metal locker cabinet in yellow as her entry table. While not your typical entryway console, it makes for a fun and unique piece that is both stylish and functional. The cabinet provides ample storage for all your out-of-the-door essentials, and the zingy hue looks great against the black-and-white backdrop.

Small Demilune Console Table

An entryway can make a statement even if it is only a small area. @thisoldhudson chose a half-circle console with a sleek gold finish ideal for butting up against a wall. A dainty yet impactful floral arrangement adds a touch of elegance, while a mini canvas rounds out the space with a bit of drama. So much can be achieved with so little!

Rounded Edge Wooden Cabinet

With many modern houses having entryways that are part of an open floor plan, it’s even more essential to ensure your entry table decor ties in with the overall design and aesthetic of your home. @blessed_chic.canvas has styled her stunning rounded edge cabinet with some dried florals and pumpkins, but you could easily switch out the decor to suit any season or holiday!

Shoe Cabinet Entryway Table Hack

Furniture that does double duty always gets our vote, and this shoe cabinet is no exception. It’s ideal for small spaces because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and has plenty of storage for all your shoes. Plus, the top is the perfect place to display some pretty entry table decor. We love the idea of using it to hint at the boho style of the rest of the home.

White Entryway Table

How to style an entryway table and give it classic credentials? Use coordinating lamps with complementary shades to create symmetry, then fill any empty spaces on the console with a stylish vase and candles, as @beeindetails_home did. The sense of balance will make your table feel elegant and put together. And who doesn’t love a bit of extra light in their entryway?

Small Entryway Table

Another idea is to decorate your entry table with all things green! This can be done by adding some potted plants or greenery in baskets. The green color will add a fresh and natural touch to your space, while the mix of textures and heights will create visual interest. And, of course, don’t forget about flowers! A few blooms in a vase are always a welcome sight.

Green Metal Tray Table

Still on the topic of green, here’s a sleek and modern metal table from @jenniferskindoflife for those who want something a little different than the traditional wood entryway table. The tray top is perfect for holding books or a vase of flowers, and the lower shelf provides additional storage space. Paired with the slat wall, this is one eye-catching entryway!

Round Glass Table with Metal Base

Tucking a pair of stools or chairs under an entry table not only helps fill the void underneath your furniture, but it’s really useful too! When guests come over, they can sit down and take their shoes off without having to search for a place to perch. This is also a great way to add extra seating to your entryway without taking up too much space.

Two Drawer Boho Console Table

Here’s a treat for all you boho lovers out there. This entryway table setup has major bohemian vibes with minimal art prints, pampas grass, and woven accessories. We love how this console table has two drawers for storing all your entryway essentials. The arched accent mirror makes the small entryway feel larger and brighter, and the overall look is just so warm and inviting.

Black Halloween Entry Console

Your entryway table is great for getting creative with your holiday decor. This black console from @greybirchdesigns is the perfect example of how to do Halloween right. The Hocus Pocus sign is a fun and festive touch, and the swarm of DIY bats adds just the right amount of spooky. The dried flowers come in handy for adding a pop of color, and they’ll last long after Halloween is over!

Simple Entryway Table

Since entryway tables are usually small, you don’t want to overcrowd them. We love the look of this clean-lined console table from @simplymodernliving with a minimal vignette of pretty things. A few well-chosen books, a vase with fresh flowers, and a wood chain link decor are all you need to take your entry table from drab to fab.

Woven Drawer Entryway Table

Entryway styling done right! Everything from the vintage-inspired mirror to the woven baskets has us swooning. The warm color palette is inviting and welcoming and the white linen cloth hanging casually over the basket gives the space a lived-in feel. Plus, the mix of textures creates a really interesting and layered look.

Mirrored Entryway Table

If you have a dark entryway, a mirrored table is a great way to brighten things up. This one from @gooisemannen has a really unique shape that helps it stand out from the rest. A few well-chosen accessories, like the dried grass branches and the framed artwork, are all you need to finish the look.

Over to You!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your existing entryway table a refresh, we hope these tips help you bring your vision to life. And don’t forget—have fun with it! This is your chance to get creative and show off your personal style!

Speaking of personal style, wall art is a great way to add some personality to your entryway space, and Displate offers a wide range of metal prints that are perfect for entry table decor! With over 1.5 million designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Plus, all our prints come with a magnet mounting system that makes hanging them a breeze. So if you’re looking for some new artwork to spruce up your foyer, check out our selection of entryway-worthy designs, from modern abstract art to entrance greeting posters.

Now go out there and make a first impression that will last!

Are there any entry table decor ideas we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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