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May 19, 2020 by Zuza Ciszewska in Illustration Hub

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Wondering what’s hot on Displate right now? Together with our Content Team, we hunted themes that have been trending in the last couple of weeks, and artists who recently joined our community and now are starting to grow… pretty fast.

Stay inspired by those designs and become a trending creator yourself, or collect them and express your passion for the latest trends on Displate!

Trending themes

Photo manipulations

It may seem easy, but it requires super skills to combine different objects that don’t belong together into one surreal, yet weirdly coherent scene. Believe it or not, the more out-of-the-world, the better, our clients just love that bizarre vibe.

Shine like the sun by Herri Susanto
Always in my head by Herri Susanto
Super Moon by Herri Susanto
Oblivion by Heathen Visuals
Solitude by Heathen Visuals
Astronaut smoking weed by Heathen Visuals

Magical animals

With their enchanting look, these wild creatures seem to know something we don’t. Captured from a very close perspective, they truly reflect our spirit animals.

The Antelope and Birds by Zenja Gammer
The Fox on The Rocket by Zenja Gammer
Simba by Zenja Gammer
The Panda and the Bird by Zenja Gammer
The Leopard by Zenja Gammer
The tiger in the forest by Zenja Gammer

City pop aesthetic

The freshness of this style gives us thrills and we can’t get enough of it. Fortunately, these Japanese-inspired, soothe-colored illustrations have been loved and are slowly becoming a new trend.

Kaonashi by Elora Pautrat
Osaka Morning by Elora Pautrat
Sweet Dreams by Elora Pautrat
Kyoto Nights by Denise R
80s Kame House by Denise R
Akira Neo Tokyo by Denise R

Royal pet portraits

Because everyone knows who’s a reall boss here.

Hermitage Court Waiter Cat by Ldarro
Court Outrunner Cat by Ldarro
Court Moor in Casual Suit by Ldarro
The Ambassador by Five Senses Art
French Noble by Five Senses Art
The General by Five Senses Art

Straight from space

The ‘space trend’ has been with us for ages, but what we are observing right now is its rising renaissance. Distant planets, shining stars, and black holes make cosmos a bright spot on the constellation of our trending themes.

Earth by Tobias Roetsch
Omicron 2019 by Tobias Roetsch
Mars by Tobias Roetsch

How do you like our trends? Tell us in comment or stay tuned with our blog and never miss our latest, trending topics!

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