Share & Earn: A New Way For Influencers To Make Money

March 13, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

Do you have a popular blog or social media channel with excellent branding, loyal followers, and high user engagement?

If so, congratulations!

You, my friend, have the power of influence.

And because you’re an influencer online…

You can compel people to do a lot more than simply like, share, and leave comments on the messages you post.

By promoting and recommending awesome products to your audience… You can influence them to throw some money your way and financially support your endeavors!

However, with this great power comes great responsibility.

To earn money as an influencer without jeopardizing your status, you should be careful to only promote products that:

  • Represent high quality
  • Match the spirit of your brand
  • Appeal to the interests of your audience

In fact, this strategy is part of nearly every influencer’s blueprint to make money. You can become a profitable influencer, too, with the all-new Share & Earn program by Displate!

Home to over 100,000 original art posters with designs created by independent artists from around the world, the Displate Marketplace is a treasure chest full of amazing products that influencers in any niche can use to make money online.

With such a broad selection of unique artworks to promote and recommend, there’s something for every audience to connect with, enjoy, and buy to support your career as an influencer!

How convenient, right?

Presented below is an explanation of how the Share & Earn program works to make you money. We’ll also provide you with some marketing ideas you can use to successfully promote Displate using your blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube — where influencers are known to thrive!

Ready to earn more money and grow your career as an influencer?

We’ll show you how!

How The Share & Earn Program Works For Influencers

The Share & Earn program by Displate gives influencers a simple, easy, and effective way to earn money online.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Promote anything you want from Displate’s Marketplace on your blog or social media channels.
  • You can do this by sharing special Displate links or a personal promo code we’ll assign to you.
  • When someone from your audience clicks your Displate link or uses your unique promo code to buy an art poster from our website, you’ll get paid up to 25% of the entire sale!

This is currently the largest commission rate in the art market!

The best part?

Displate customers buy 2 or 3 art posters on average when they visit our marketplace, so you can typically earn around $25 per sale!

You can also make a lot more depending on the size or collection of artwork purchased.

While you can technically share links to promote any product on the Displate Marketplace to earn money, the most common links you’ll share will direct your audience to:

  • The homepage of Displate’s website
  • Your Displate profile page
  • Recommended art collections
  • Any individual artwork you like
  • Any artist’s profile page you like
  • Any artwork featured in Displate’s Trending or Bestsellers lists

With the Share & Earn program by Displate, you’ll not only have an amazing vault of products to promote and recommend to your audience — you’ll gain a countless amount of opportunities to be successful and make a profit as an influencer!

What else is there to love?

Getting started is easy!

How To Get Started With The Share & Earn Program

In just 3 simple steps, you can begin your profitable journey with the Share & Earn program!

  1. Click here to register for the Share & Earn program for free (it takes under 30 seconds!)
  2. Create art collections and optimize your Displate profile page
  3. Share your Displate links or unique promo code to earn money as your reward!

Following these minimal instructions will certainly be enough to land you some sales! But in order to generate the most profits as an influencer with the Share & Earn program, finding the right products to promote is essential!

Do you want to learn how to make tons of sales and earn big paychecks on a consistent basis?

Here are a few insider tips for you to consider!

Find Artwork Your Audience Will Love & Want To Buy

Pro tip: You can follow specific artists on Displate to stay up-to-date with their latest designs. This comes in handy if you have lots of success promoting a particular artists work. By following them on Displate, you’ll have an effortless way to discover any new or similar artwork they upload to the Displate Marketplace. This is just one of the ways that Displate works to makes your job as an influencer a little bit easier!

Pro tip: You can search Displate’s entire database of over 100,000 art designs to find the most relevant ones to share with your specific audience. To do this quickly, just search for appropriate keywords that are related to the niche you’re in. You can also search for artwork using keywords that describe the type of content you post on your blog or social media channel.

Pro tip: Frequently check out what art is featured in Displate’s Trending and Bestsellers. They’re hot sellers, so it makes sense to add some of them to your promotional lineup.

Optimize Your Displate Profile Page For Your Audience

Pro tip: Your blog and social media audiences should be able to instantly recognize your brand when they visit your Displate profile page. The reason is simple: If they don’t know it belongs to you, they’ll be too confused to buy anything and you could lose out on making lots of sales. So to get the positive results that you want and establish consistent branding, your Displate profile photo and background image should match the ones you use on your blog and social media channels.

Pro tip: Write a short bio for people to read when they visit your Displate profile page. Something short ‘n’ sweet will work just fine. For best results though, you should definitely mention something about your blog or social media channel so you give them another way to quickly recognize your brand.

Example bio: “Hey you! Thanks for checking out my profile on Displate, where any artwork you buy helps support my blog and social media channels! I appreciate you!”

Pro tip: Promote a variety of artwork on your Displate profile page. Then analyze which ones your audience likes to buy the most. By uncovering this useful information about your audience, you can scale your efforts, increase your sales, and earn more money by recommending similar looking artwork.

Once you’ve decided which art posters to promote and you’ve optimized your Displate profile page, you’ll want to use a few different marketing strategies to help you earn money with your blog or social media channels. Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Share & Earn With Displate On Your Blog

Do you want to earn money as influencer using your blog?

Create a ready-to-insert banner (a widget) on your blog that features multiple Displate art posters.

When people click it, they’ll be taken to Displate’s website where they can purchase the artwork featured in the banner (or any other art designs they like). No matter what they buy, you’ll get paid for it!

We’ve made it very easy for you to do, too! If you’re a blogger, you can find more detailed instructions on how to create widget banners with Displate artwork by clicking here.

Next, we’re going to give you some great marketing ideas for earning money with Displate on social media networks where influencers are also known to excel!

Share & Earn With Displate On Facebook

Do you want to earn money as influencer using Facebook?

Share a Displate link in a Facebook post that will direct people to view one of your recommended art collections on Displate’s website. When you publish the post, your Facebook followers will see 4 Displate art posters lined up in a single horizontal row.

In the caption of the Facebook post, you can ask your audience some variation of the question:

“Which art poster is your favorite…1 2 3 or 4 ??? (from left to right)”.

You should get tons of engagement for three reasons:

  1. Your post asks a question.
  2. It’s quick and easy for people to submit an answer.
  3. Lots of people really like how the Displate art posters look!

Overall, this strategy is an awesome method to help you rack up sales and earn money!

Here’s another marketing strategy you can use:

Invite your Facebook followers to attend live sweepstakes and unboxing event that you’ll host on Facebook Watch. To get lots of people to attend, tell them that you’ll be giving away a free Displate art poster to one lucky person at the end of the event, but that they must be present to be considered eligible to win.

You can make a nice profit by unboxing and promoting a few posters to your audience, including giving one of them away for free because it’s highly likely that some of the people who don’t win an art poster will want to buy one from you anyway. So after you declare a winner during the live video event, simply tell your viewers to use your promo code to get any Displate art poster they like. Make sure you also mention that anything they buy will go toward supporting your channels on social media (or however you want to phrase it!).

Share & Earn With Displate On Instagram

Do you want to earn money as influencer using Instagram?

Then we hope you remember the first Facebook strategy that we mentioned in the section above this one because you can apply it to Instagram, too! However, since you can only share a link in your Instagram bio and not in an actual post, you’ll have to do things a bit differently.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Using your smartphone, take good photos of 6 (or more) Displate art posters that appear in your recommended art collections (on your Displate profile page).
  • Next, get on Instagram and publish a single post using the multiple photos feature.
  • In the caption of the Instagram post, ask people:

“Which art poster is your favorite…1 2 3 4 5 or 6 ??? (from left to right)”.

You should get lots of wonderful responses. Some people will want to buy from you too, so make sure you add a Displate link to your Instagram bio that’ll take people to your Displate profile page. Once there, they can buy the artwork they originally saw in your Instagram post!

Do you want another marketing idea to help you earn money on Instagram with Displate’s Share & Earn program?

You can always spread the word about Displate and share your favorite art designs using Instagram Stories. Use text overlays to display your promo code so your viewers can easily see it. In your story, you can also directly tell people that they can buy a Displate art poster and help support your Instagram channel using the (Displate) link in your Instagram bio.

You can pin the story to the top of your Instagram profile page with the label “SUPPORT” or something similar. You’re also free to create multiple Instagram Stories using different art posters.

Share & Earn With Displate On YouTube

Do you want to earn money as influencer using YouTube?

If you normally appear and speak on camera in your videos, then you will have an incredibly easy way to promote Displate. You can simply decorate the wall behind you with your favorite Displate art posters!

Since the posters will be highly visible in the background of your Youtube videos, your channel’s audience will easily notice them, develop strong curiosity, and be more likely to buy one using your Displate links or dedicated promo code.

Obviously, adding your Displate links and dedicated promo code to your videos’ descriptions works great, especially if you already have an area where your viewers know to look. To increase your sales, you can use screen overlays to display your promo code. Another way for you to increase your sales is by verbally telling viewers that they can support your channel by getting a Displate art poster using your promo code.

Final Thoughts

Sharing your favorite art designs from Displate with your blog and social media followers will give you a never-ending supply of cool products to promote that’ll excite your audience and compel them to support your career.

As you’ve seen, there’s plenty of creative ways for you to earn money doing this, too; no matter what channel you use, and no matter what niche you’re involved in — it simply works.

Join the Share & Earn program now to start earning the type of money that you really want!

Which art designs will you share with your audience first?

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